Male Khil Noble 1
Force Points 5 Destiny Points 1 Dark Side Points 0
Init 0; Senses Perception 5
Defenses Ref 12 (12 flat-footed ), Fort 12, Will 13
Hp 19 Threshold 12
Languages Basic, Khil, Selkath, Binary, Huttese
Melee Knife -1 (1d4-1)
Ranged Blaster Pistol +1 (3d6
Base Atk +1
Talents Wealth, Inspire Confidence
Feats Weapon Prof (simple, Pistols), Skill Focus: Persuasion, Linguist
Skills Perception +5, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +6, Knowledge (Social Science) +6, Deception +9, Gather Information +9, Use Computer +6, Persuasion +14
Abilities Str 9, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 18
Possessions Noble’s Robes, Knife, Blaster, utility belt, com link (longe Range), pocket scrambler, vox box, synthrope canister, breath mask, aqua breather, all temperature cloak, datapad, lots of credits


Xama, son of a Coruscanti weapons merchant, is… bored. He’s learned a bit about life, and people, and a /lot/ about what money can do for you if you have it. Learned a thing about women, (Kihl mostly, but on one notable occasions twi’lek /and/ human) and how to fire a gun. He also learned that, despite being the center of the civilized universe, Coruscant could be extremely small, and the holonet and cross planet taxis can only do so much. Particularly with agents of The Company always looking over his shoulder, and The Press always looking for the latest scandal (He’d given them a couple minor pieces before, most notably involving some twi’lek and human females, and they had high hopes for him screwing the pooch in a big way)
So Xama was ready to get off Coruscant. He was young, able, rich. He could have some fun. So he bought up some things he might need, and hopped a transport to Manaan. He was enraptured. New cultures, species, technology! He met a couple Selkath there. He almost slugged one, and by the end of the night they were all three getting smashed together. He woke up the next morning on a freighter leaving for Corellia, with a stern and very official looking warning on his datapad with a High Court seal saying it wouldn’t be a good idea to stop by anytime soon.
From Corellia to Ryloth, from Ryloth to… somewhere in the Yavin system. He spent a very short time on Nar Shaddaa and, as a direct consequence, six months working on a cargo freighter. For a brief six minutes he was technically captain, for six hours after that a prisoner of the slavers who attacked the ship, and for six days after that he was an invalid in a Republic cruiser’s medbay. After that he spent a restful few months on Duro recovering, psychologically and physically. One night, in some dive in Rrudobar, he met an interesting human who owned a light freighter. The Captain asked him for some information, they hit it off and he wound up with a ride to Alderaan. He spent a few months on Alderaan in the company of a lovely young noblewoman, and then a bit of a misunderstanding caused him to cut his visit short.
At this point his fancy decided (and the price of transport decided) he decided to visit Tython. He didn’t know much about Jedi, and figured it would be looser than most of the core worlds. His second night there he managed to introduce a Selkath Jedi (fondly remembering his time on Manaan) to the last of his Coruscanti brandy. In return, the young padawan showed him the (few) points of interest, and they became fairly fast friends. Against all odds, background and position, they found they had a lot in common. This, of course, was all but a prelude. Some short coincidences were coming to bear, and things were about to get very interesting.


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