Indecision! It is a time in the galaxy where The Sith Empire and Jedi backed Republic are fighting a cold war that has kept the galaxy under constant threat. Bitter disputes and skirmishes flare up across all sectors. But no one is willing to openly declare war and both sides seem content with goading the other into making the first move.

Now, over a decade since The Treaty of Coruscant, in the polished halls of palaces to the smoke filled rooms of cantinas a secret war is being fought for the most potent weapon in this unorthodox war: Information. Shoot-outs and covert operations between Imperial Intelligence and Republic SIS are carried out everywhere in search of any advantage their side can use in the next looming war.

With the Cold War heating up more and more being’s are being caught up in the conflict, on both sides…..

Silhouettes of War

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